Safe Air Technology Welcomes Auger Skid A

Safe Air Technology is excited to announce the arrival of the Auger Skid A, which has been built to support the explosion proof freezer systems designed by Safe Air Technology for severe offshore duty aboard the Shell Auger Platform.

Auger Skid A is the larger of the 2 freezer skids currently being manufactured by Safe Air Technology for the Shell Auger Platform. It joins Auger Skid B, which arrived in late November and is moving forward ahead of schedule.

Currently Safe Air Technology is working on another offshore explosion proof freezer skid for the Shell Brutus Platform.

These projects serve as just a few examples of the Custom Explosion Proof Refrigeration, Freezer, and HVAC Systems offered by Safe Air Technology. For more information on our capabilities, please contact Safe Air Technology at 225-303-0007.