Explosion Proof Window and Through Wall Units

Safe Air Technology offers a wide array of custom and standard Explosion Proof Window and Through Wall Units ranging in capacities from 6,000 to 36,000 BTU/Hr. These systems are available in 50 and 60 Hertz electrical configurations and provide a convenient cooling solution in hazardous areas where space may be limited. Safe Air Technology’s Explosion Proof Window AC Units are currently proudly serving on many driller cabins, analyzer shacks, MCC buildings, and paint rooms throughout the world. Our WCSK SafetyKing® Series Explosion Proof Window/ Through Wall units are specifically engineered for use in Division 2 and Zone II Locations. This product line is also offered with Division II approved explosion proof electric heat as the WCEH Series Explosion Proof Electric Heat Window Unit and also in an explosion proof heat pump configuration in our WCHP Series Explosion Proof Heat Pump Window Unit. Our HKXP HazardKing® Series Division I Explosion Proof Window/ Through Wall Units offer the highest in quality and safety for Class I, Division 1 and Zone I hazardous locations. Every Safe Air Technology explosion proof hvac system can be custom designed to meet your specific needs.

NFPA 496 Compliant Explosion Proof Pressurization Systems

The National Fire Protection Association issues codes and standards to mitigate and reduce the risks of fires, explosions, and other disasters. NFPA Code 496 outlines the standards for the purge and pressurization of enclosures for the protection of electrical equipment. Often, electrical equipment must be placed in hazardous locations, as defined by NFPA 70, also known as the National Electric Code. Pressurization allows for the use of this electrical equipment in areas that it would normally not be rated for use.

Safe Air Technology offers a wide array of explosion proof pressure blowers. Each one complies with both NFPA 496 and NFPA 70 NEC codes. Our PB-XPC Series Unit is a stand-alone explosion proof pressure blower that is engineered for severe duty use in offshore environments and refineries. The VACPB1 Series boasts an explosion proof vertical wall mount HVAC unit with an attached pressure blower module. This allows for the convenient optimization of performance and safety in a smaller footprint.

Safe Air Systems Meet NFPA 496 Standards & More

Safe Air Technology also offers the VPACPB Series Explosion Proof Vertical Wall Mount or Base Mounted HVAC/ Pressurization System and PACPB Series Explosion Proof Packaged A/C and Room Pressurization System. The VPACPB Series and PACPB series can be custom designed to meet your needs for cooling capacity, pressurization, and unit footprint.

Each of these pressurization options exceeds NFPA 496 standards for pressurization and NEC Articles 500-515 standards for electrical equipment in hazardous locations, making Safe Air Technology’s product line-up the ideal choice for Explosion Proof HVAC and Pressurization systems for chemical plants, refineries, and offshore platforms.

When you need a custom pressurization system, you can trust Safe Air Technology. Our expert engineers are will create a fully certified system that will perform up to your standards and specifications. Contact us today to request a quote, or get help choosing the product that’s right for you.