SAT to Design Extreme High Ambient Split Systems

High Ambient


Safe Air  Technology has been contracted to perform the engineering, design, and manufacturing of multiple Extreme High Ambient Explosion Proof Split Systems. These systems have been designed to provide comfort cooling not only at extreme high ambient conditions,but also to maintain stable comfort cooling parameters inside of the conditioned area in the event of large temperature swings. This type of stability under extreme temperature conditions is crucial to the operations of our clients throughout the industrial and petrochemical industries.


The air-cooled condensing units for these split systems have been custom designed to provide efficient heat rejection for operation in ambient temperatures exceeding 140o F (60o C). Each component was carefully selected by our engineering team to ensure optimum performance in these extreme high ambient conditions; while also adhering to limited space constraint requirements and an NEC Hazardous Location Classification of Class I, Group C & D, Division 2, T3.


Although the air handler units will operate in a non-classified location, they have been custom engineered to guarantee compatibility with the custom explosion proof high ambient condensing units. The custom design process of the air handler units also took into account the limited space available for mounting inside of the building.


The custom air handler and custom explosion proof high ambient condensing unit will be controlled through a controls package that has been specifically designed to operate the complex mechanisms required for high ambient operation.


These projects serve as just a few examples of the Custom Explosion Proof HVAC and Refrigeration Systems offered by Safe Air Technology. Our engineering team has the capability to design systems for cooling operation in ambient temperatures ranging from -40o F to 140o F (-40o C to 60o C) and would love the opportunity to work with you on your project. For more information on our capabilities, please contact Safe Air Technology at 225-303-0007 or by email at