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Shell Auger Skid B Project Successfully Completes FAT Testing

February 9, 2016
Shell Auger Skid B Project Successfully Completes FAT Testing

Safe Air Technology is proud to announce the completion of Auger Skid B. The explosion proof freezer/ thaw system officially passed Safe Air Technology’s internal factory acceptance testing, as well as Shell’s thorough factory acceptance testing protocol.

Along with Auger Skid A, Auger Skid B will be utilized to properly store the food necessary to fuel Auger’s workforce and keep operations running smoothly. Both skids are designed for severe offshore duty and are rated for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations as per the National Electric Code Articles 500-515. Skid A is currently being manufactured and is on schedule to join Skid B offshore in mid-March.

Safe Air Technology also has an explosion proof freezer skid currently in production for the Shell Brutus Platform that will be utilized for food storage as well.

These projects serve as just a few examples of the Custom Explosion Proof Refrigeration, Freezer, and HVAC Systems offered by Safe Air Technology. For more information on our capabilities, please contact Safe Air Technology at 225-303-0007.

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