Explosion Proof HVAC: Where To Buy a Rooftop Air Conditioner?

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana the Summertime is full of fun and heat, which is why you need to ensure your commercial air conditioner is working properly. Louisiana residents enjoy Summer by cooling off indoors – whether that’s inside an air-conditioned office, eating dinner in a cool restaurant, or taking a break from the heat in the cold air of a shopping mall!

Safe Air Technology has years of experience keeping the Baton Rouge area cool and safe with our explosion-proof HVAC equipment through our condensing units, rooftop air conditioner systems, vertical air conditioner units, and more! You can shop our Rooftop Air Conditioners online or give us a call to discuss our systems and services. Continue reading to learn more about our air conditioning units and explosion-proof systems.

Explosion Proof Rooftop Air Conditioner

If you’re in the market for a rooftop air conditioner then we recommend our commercial rooftop units because they offer high-quality results, are IEC and NEC certified for operations and compliance, and can match any of your needs. Our professional engineering staff and sales department will work with you to offer a system that complies with 100% of your specifications!

explosion proof vertical wall mounts   RT-XPC Series Roof Top Unit

explosion proof air handlers   RTXP1 Series Roof Top Unit

explosion proof air handlers   RTXP2 Series Roof Top Unit


Explosion Proof Condensing Units

Condensing units are crucial for an operational and efficient air conditioner – the purpose of an explosion proof condensing unit is to transfer warm outdoor air through return ducts, over the refrigerant, and through the condenser coils. Not only are condensing units efficient, but they are essential in heat transfer to get those cool temperatures you need.

All of our condensing units offer high-quality results, are IEC and NEC certified for compliance and operations, and can fit any of your sizing needs. Our sales team and engineering department will work with you to find a system that matches 100% of your specifications.

explosion proof unit coolers large   CU-MS Series MiniSplit Condensing Unit 50 Hz

explosion proof unit coolers large   CU-MS Series MiniSplit Condensing Unit 60 Hz

explosion proof severe duty hvac systems    CU Series Condensing Unit

Explosion Proof Vertical Units

A vertical unit is necessary for maximizing space and remains the preferred equipment to mount onto walls. Whether you’re in the market for a vertical condensing unit or vertical condensing evaporator, Safe Air Technology has high-quality products to offer you with results that won’t disappoint. All of our vertical units are NEC and IEC certified for compliance and operations, additionally, our engineering and sales team will work with you to deliver equipment that matches your specifications and needs. Contact us today or shop our explosion proof systems online!

Check out these vertical units at Safe Air Technology to find the perfect equipment for your commercial space.

explosion proof vertical wall mount units  Vertical Wall Mounted Unit 50 Hz

explosion proof vertical wall mount units  Vertical Wall Mounted Unit 60 Hz

explosion proof hvac/r systems modification   VAC Series Vertical Wall Mounted Unit

explosion proof industrial hvac systems   Custom Vertical Wall Mounted Unit

HVAC explosion proof  50 Hz Vertical Wall Pressurization Unit

HVAC explosion proof  60 Hz Vertical Wall Pressurization Unit

explosion proof air handlers   Vertical Wall Pressurization Unit

Why You Need a Humidistat

Humidistat and Thermometer | Safe Air Technology


When the humidity levels indoors reach and stay at an unacceptable range, you risk creating problems in your home or business. Not only do high humidity levels indoors lead to a muggy and uncomfortable environment, it can actually cause problems like peeling paint and wallpapers and mildewing furniture. Let’s not forget that high humidity creates the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold.

Lower humidity levels can be equally destructive. Too little humidity indoors can make the air uncomfortably dry and cause you to experience dry skin, sinus infections, allergies, and even sore throats. Regulating the humidity level indoors isn’t always easy, which is why a humidistat is an excellent investment.

What a Humidistat is and How it Works

A humidistat (also known as a humidistat controller) automatically monitors and maintains the moisture level in the air with a sensing element composed of a flat plate fitted with two metal conductors that cause an electrical resistance based on the amount of humidity in the air. The amplifier then measures the resistance, and based on the resistance measured the humidistat will turn on the humidifier if the air is too dry and turn off the humidifier once the optimal level is achieved. Dehumidifiers and portable humidifiers usually come with an attached humidistat that ensures that you don’t over-dehumidify or humidify the room. 

Thermostat/Humidistat Combo

In whole-house systems, dehumidifiers or humidifiers are connected to the central HVAC system. Humidistats can also be wired into your thermostat to run the air conditioner to regulate the humidity level independently of the temperature. 

Using the thermostat and humidistat combo conveniently helps maintain the desired humidity level without the need to run the HVAC system more than necessary. If the humidity levels are high, the humidistat will continue running the air conditioner until the humidity reaches optimal levels. If the temperature is high, but the humidity is low, the humidistat won’t allow the air conditioner to run. 

Explosion Proof Thermostat/Humidistat for Sale in Baton Rouge

At Safe Air Technology, we offer a variety of Explosion Proof Thermostats/Humidistats that range from standard designs to fully custom designs. Our many available options are designed and tested in-house by our professional engineering staff and ensure outstanding operational performance and compliance every time. To ensure you get a system that meets your every need, our trusted sales and engineering department will guide you through the process of choosing the option that’s right for you. Give us a call or visit us online for a quote today! We look forward to serving your needs!

How to Cool a Warehouse During Summer

Cooling an office building vs a large industrial building requires very different approaches. With a warehouse or other large commercial building, the sheer amount of space makes it easier for warm summer air to get in and for cool air to escape. The heat generated from heavy machinery makes these temperatures rise even faster. So what can be done to beat the heat in a large building during the summertime? We’ve prepared 4 tips for making these environments a bit more comfortable:

1. Try Installing Screen Doors

Where applicable, installing screen doors is perfect when you want to open your doors on breezy days, allowing air flow into your building. Screen doors will protect your employees and products from any trespassers, bugs or birds.

large air handler unit

2. Air Conditioners & Fans

Getting an industrial air conditioner that’s fit for your building can help keep the environment cool. With the right sized condensing units and air handler units built and installed by an expert industrial HVAC company, you can provide a comfortable indoor environment during the summer months.

Industrial fans are also an option for energy efficient, low-cost cooling. Large ceiling fans can provide some relief from rising indoor temperatures without investing in a complex AC system. However, if your ceilings are very high, then the effects of a fan won’t provide proper ventilation below near the floor, which won’t bring relief to anyone working inside.

3. Dehumidifiers

In particularly humid conditions, dehumidifiers can help get rid of warm moisture lingering in the air which will make the indoor air quality much more cool and comfortable. Consider purchasing a humidistat to monitor the fluctuating humidity levels inside your warehouse or other commercial building. 

4. Keep Doors & Gates Closed

The best way to keep cool air inside is to keep your doors and gates closed as much as possible. Continually opening doors, windows and gates will instantly allow hot air to pour inside the building with the cooler air escaping just as fast. This can cause your air conditioning system to work much harder than it needs to, which can increase energy costs for building owners.

Safe Air Technology Can Help Cool Any Building

At Safe Air Technology, we’ve provided sophisticated and explosion-proof air conditioning solutions for industrial buildings for many years. Our industry-leading HVAC engineers build custom units in-house so that you get just enough equipment for the size of your building. Contact us today for your commercial HVAC system needs!