Why You Need a Humidistat

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When the humidity levels indoors reach and stay at an unacceptable range, you risk creating problems in your home or business. Not only do high humidity levels indoors lead to a muggy and uncomfortable environment, it can actually cause problems like peeling paint and wallpapers and mildewing furniture. Let’s not forget that high humidity creates the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold.

Lower humidity levels can be equally destructive. Too little humidity indoors can make the air uncomfortably dry and cause you to experience dry skin, sinus infections, allergies, and even sore throats. Regulating the humidity level indoors isn’t always easy, which is why a humidistat is an excellent investment.

What a Humidistat is and How it Works

A humidistat (also known as a humidistat controller) automatically monitors and maintains the moisture level in the air with a sensing element composed of a flat plate fitted with two metal conductors that cause an electrical resistance based on the amount of humidity in the air. The amplifier then measures the resistance, and based on the resistance measured the humidistat will turn on the humidifier if the air is too dry and turn off the humidifier once the optimal level is achieved. Dehumidifiers and portable humidifiers usually come with an attached humidistat that ensures that you don’t over-dehumidify or humidify the room. 

Thermostat/Humidistat Combo

In whole-house systems, dehumidifiers or humidifiers are connected to the central HVAC system. Humidistats can also be wired into your thermostat to run the air conditioner to regulate the humidity level independently of the temperature. 

Using the thermostat and humidistat combo conveniently helps maintain the desired humidity level without the need to run the HVAC system more than necessary. If the humidity levels are high, the humidistat will continue running the air conditioner until the humidity reaches optimal levels. If the temperature is high, but the humidity is low, the humidistat won’t allow the air conditioner to run. 

Explosion Proof Thermostat/Humidistat for Sale in Baton Rouge

At Safe Air Technology, we offer a variety of Explosion Proof Thermostats/Humidistats that range from standard designs to fully custom designs. Our many available options are designed and tested in-house by our professional engineering staff and ensure outstanding operational performance and compliance every time. To ensure you get a system that meets your every need, our trusted sales and engineering department will guide you through the process of choosing the option that’s right for you. Give us a call or visit us online for a quote today! We look forward to serving your needs!