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Industrial Fan vs. Industrial Blower

January 17, 2022

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If you’re looking for an airflow solution in your industrial process application, you might be curious as to the difference between an industrial fan and an industrial blower. However, your question is a trick question, because there’s actually no difference between an industrial fan or blower at all. The two products’ designs are the same.

The truth is, in industrial processes, a fan or blower is not defined by the design or style of the impeller, but rather which side of the fan offers the resistance the fan must overcome to move air from one area to another.

So what is the difference between a blower and a fan?

So there is a difference between a blower and a fan, but it’s really one of placement more than anything else:

  • an industrial induced draft fan sucks air through a system and discharges it to the atmosphere
  • a forced-draft or pressure blower sucks atmospheric air from outside and blows it through the system


In non-industrial systems, such as free-standing commercial or residential applications, there are a few other differences between fans and blowers as well.

Do I need an Industrial Fan or Industrial Blower?

Which machine you need depends on that machine’s function within the application. If the application requires lower volume and higher pressure, such as a burner, air dryer, fume or gas elimination, or others, you’ll need a forced-draft or pressure blower with volume and pressure focused at the outlet. If your application calls for other combinations of volume and pressure, you’ll probably want an induced draft fan with volume and pressure focused at the inlet.

Regardless of which you need, or if you’re unsure if you need an industrial blower or industrial fan, the experts at Safe Air Technology are here to help! We’ve been manufacturing explosion-proof blowers and fans, along with other air moving technology, for years, and we specialize in heavy industrial and offshore plants. Give us a call to discuss your specific application and what it needs today!


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