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Benefits of Industrial HVAC Solutions

June 25, 2020

Explosion-proof industrial HVAC systems solve your building’s thermoregulatory needs. Similar to the unit in your home, industrial HVAC systems are capable of cooling or heating an entire building, at a fraction of the cost. Due to its energy efficiency, it gives you the ability to lower and control your utility bill, saving you a fortune year to year. This control over the internal climate also helps create a more work-friendly environment by not allowing the building to become uncomfortably cold or hot. These systems also have multiple layers of filters within them helping to sterilize the air, creating a safer working environment as well.

Additionally, these systems often can be completely customized based on your needs, without compromising on quality or price. The HVAC systems offer capacities from one to two-hundred tons, as well as protection from hazardous environments, as it pertains to both NEC and IEC codes related to NFPA 70 Article 500-505 for Hazardous Environments. As a result of the complexity of an HVAC system, they are often required to be certified and code compliant, giving an extra layer of peace of mind.

In order to become an HVAC technician you must spend a minimum of five years training. This requirement creates a class of expert technicians and professional engineers not seen in other industries. The experts at Safe Air Technology are able to build your system to order and quickly deliver the unit because of their familiarity with the system. They then service the unit for the rest of its life helping to maintain its original quality. When you buy one of our industrial HVAC units, you also buy a team with sixty years of experience behind it.

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