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Safe Air Technology Awarded Bayer CropScience Explosion Proof Freezer Project

February 16, 2016
Safe Air Technology Awarded Bayer CropScience Explosion Proof Freezer Project

Safe Air Technology has been contracted to engineer and manufacture explosion proof freezer systems for Bayer CropScience. Our engineering and manufacturing teams are working together to design three severe duty, explosion proof freezer systems for use in a chemical storage application. These systems range in capacity from 30,000 BTU/HR to 96,000 BTU/HR and are designed to maintain the room temperatures below 4°F and as low as -4°F.

The Safe Air Technology Explosion Proof Split Freezer Systems utilized on this project are designed to operate as low as -10°F room temperatures and are equipped with NEC Division 1 Hazardous Location approved reverse cycle defrost capabilities.

Each of the individual systems features a 100% redundant back-up unit with automatic changeover controls designed to call for the redundant unit in the event of a failure to ensure that the critical room temperatures are maintained at all times. Both the explosion proof unit cooler and explosion proof refrigeration condensing unit are designed to exceed Class I, Groups C & D, Division 2, T-3 ratings as regulated by NFPA 70 NEC Articles 500-515 for the use of electrical equipment in hazardous locations. Safe Air Technology will perform our stringent factory acceptance testing process and certification for approved use in hazardous locations upon the completion manufacturing.

Some of the features selected by our client for these units are listed below:

  • Capacity range from 2.5 Tons to 8.0 Tons of Refrigeration
  • 100% Operational Redundancy with Auto Changeover Controls
  • Low Temperature Unit Design
  • 316 Low Carbon Content Stainless Steel Housing Construction
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet and Fan Shrouds
  • Heresite Coated Coils for Corrosion Protection
  • Unit Fully Tested for Adherence to NEC/IEC Codes for the Use of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Locations

These projects serve as just a few examples of the Custom Explosion Proof Refrigeration, Freezer, and HVAC Systems offered by Safe Air Technology. For more information on our capabilities, please contact Safe Air Technology at 225-303-0007.

Bayer Crop Science: http://www.cropscience.bayer.com/

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