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Shell Salsa Project Completed

September 10, 2014
Shell Salsa Project Completed

Safe Air Technology has just completed delivery of our VPACPB- Series (Vertical Package Air –Conditioner / Pressurization Blower) units for Shell Offshore. All units are now serving the Shell Platform “Salsa” . The project was an exciting project for according to David Ratcliff, President and CEO of Safe Air Technology. After meeting with Shell and Nelson Engineering it was apparent that the Salsa Platform would required several custom units to not only combat the hazardous and very corrosive environments, but that the units would need to fit into locations that were restricted in size. Compounding the issue was the urgent need for an aggressive delivery time to meet Shells demands.

Understanding that all units would require a fully custom design from the mechanical, refrigeration and electrical, Safe Air assigned a Professional Engineering Manager to the project to oversee all of Shell’s needs. The equipment was delivered 100% On Time and is running a peak performance for Shell.

One of many things that allows us to deliver on time for our clients such as Shell is a clear understanding of our clients Electrical inspectors requirements. We have a saying at Safe Air Technology, “ There is the NEC Electrical Code under NFPA 70 Article 500 to 515, and then there is Shells requirements”. By SAT fully understanding what our clients expect, Safe Air Technology is able to not just engineer and manufacture to a code, but to exceed that code based on what our clients find acceptable to them. That is our goal and one that we excel at.

Below you will find a partial listing of additional details of the units engineered and manufactured by Safe Air Technology:

VPACPB Series 8.5 Ton and 3.5 Ton
• Certification: N.R.T.L. Third Party Certified Systems
• Classification: Class I, Groups C & D, Division 2…T-3
• 12 Ga. Housing Metal: 316L Stainless Steel ( Low Carbon Content for Offshore Applications
• Internal Sheet metal 316L Stainless Steel
• Severe Duty Industrial Copper Tube Copper Fin Coils with Heavy Wall Deign for Dependability
• All Coils Coated for Marine Grade Locations, Tested and Certified Coatings
• All motors severe duty design with 1.15 S.F. Division 2 Rated for Groups C & D
• Division 2 Compressor installed with Scroll Design
• Blower Housings are NEC Approved and AMCA Approved for non-Sparking design. Made from 11ga. All Welded Aluminum Construction

Safe Air Technology would like to say thank you to its client for the continued support. We look forward to working with you on the project. AS always Safe Air Technology will continue to offer the Three Keys to Success: Quality, Pricing and On Time Delivery
VPACPB- Series Vertical Package Air –ConditionerVertical Package Air –Conditioner / Pressurization BlowerVertical Packaged A/C and Pressurization BlowerVertical Packaged A/C Control Panel

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