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Spring Cleaning Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC Systems

March 30, 2021

Spring is upon us, meaning it is prime time to clean your HVAC system! As we approach more mild weather, heating and cooling systems should not be used at their maximum capacity. This in-between season is a great time to have your system serviced and cleaned of dust, debris, or any other general maintenance. By keeping your unit clean, you preserve the longevity of your system’s lifespan and prevent contamination of indoor air. At Safe Air Technology, we work to provide explosion proof HVAC equipment to meet the needs of today and the future. By ensuring your system is in good working condition, your organization can have peace of mind.

When cleaning an industrial HVAC unit, all internal components should be inspected and cleaned. A good HVAC maintenance checklist should be as followed:

  • Keep your building clean, accumulated dust will be recirculated
  • Ensure all ducts are flowing freely, with nothing blocking or excess dirt
  • Make sure outside HVAC unit is free of leaves or other debris
  • Pay attention to any possible performance issues (i.e. weak airflow)


The more people in your facility means the more you need to change your air filters. Operating your commercial HVAC equipment with a dirty or clogged air filter can result in damage to your system and to people’s health. By changing filters on a regular basis, you can prevent significant monetary losses from the rising energy costs of a poorly-functioning unit. While a dirty HVAC system does not necessarily produce unhealthy air, it could cause serious issues to people with respiratory issues, autoimmune disorders, or environmental/seasonal allergies.

Another component of industrial HVAC systems that often goes overlooked are drain pans. These should be cleaned frequently to prevent water accumulation that could lead to mold and bacteria growth. If a drain pan issue goes unnoticed, it could result in serious damage to your HVAC system.

Safe Air Technology is Your Premier Explosion Proof Air Conditions & HVAC Systems Manufacturer


Safe Air Technology specializes in the custom designing, engineering, and manufacturing of explosion-proof HVAC systems. Built to last, our professional staff will equip you with the tools and tricks to properly care for your industrial HVAC system! With over 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing quality industrial HVAC units and explosion proof HVAC systems, you can rest assured that every piece of equipment that we engineer is guaranteed to meet all N.E.C. and I.E.C. classifications. Give us a call or check out our extensive inventory online today!

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