Safe Air Equipment You Need for the Summer Heat!

As the Summer season begins, the temperatures are hitting all-time highs, which greatly impacts electrical systems – often, forcing them to overheat and break. If your equipment tends to overheat, then you need to look into these high-quality, explosion proof products from Safe Air Technology. Whether you’re purchasing an explosion proof HVAC system or a Cabinet Cooler, we have the equipment you need to maintain a cool environment throughout the hottest months of the year!

fan blowing inside large AC unit

Explosion Proof HVAC System in Baton Rouge

It’s fitting to start with our explosion proof Split Systems because they are the main system for ventilation, heating, and most importantly, air conditioning. In Baton Rouge and other southern areas, the Summer season brings high temperatures with humidity indexes that can negatively influence the air quality of buildings, schools, gymnasiums, and more. This is why it’s crucial to have a high-quality explosion proof HVAC system that properly filters, ventilates, and maintains your air quality. This is especially important for wet and humid environments. To ensure your occupants are in a safe and healthy environment, contact Safe Air Technology for an explosion proof HVAC that is certified for operational performance and compliance to both NEC and IEC codes related to NFPA 70 Article 500 – 505 for Hazardous Environments. 

Exhaust Blowers at Safe Air Technology

Exhaust Blowers have one purpose – to remove hot, toxic, or contaminated fumes from an enclosed area. Exhaust Blowers are absolutely necessary to “exhaust” the toxic fumes away from a worker or operator – they protect the health of welders, machine operators, and industrial employees of all kinds, so they should be prioritized when shopping for equipment. Exhaust Blowers, sometimes called “exhaust fans”, are especially important in the Summer months because the intense heat can contribute to more stale or contaminated air. Exhaust Blowers are great for your lung health and general well-being because they remove pollutant air from the indoors and “exhaust” that contaminated air to the outdoors. If you’re worried about the quality of your air or need to ensure your industrial technicians have a safe working environment, purchase an exhaust blower from Safe Air Technology or call us to discuss your exhaust blower options!

Cabinet Coolers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Industrial cabinets and other enclosed areas that host electrical appliances tend to overheat, this is why cabinet coolers are a popular choice for Safe Air Technology customers. Cabinet Coolers are an essential component to the longevity of your electrical equipment and they work by enhancing the natural cooling air flow. Particularly in the hot Summer months, cabinet coolers use an essential fan to keep your equipment working efficiently and properly – and they’re cheaper than many other cooling systems! Contact Safe Air Technology today to get your cabinet cooler. 

Window Units

Lastly, we have window units – a necessary product for apartments, smaller units, or any resident that doesn’t have central air conditioning. Safe Air Technology’s explosion proof Window Units are available in various builds, from standard designs to fully custom designs with capacities ranging from 6,000 to 36,000 BTU/HR, to satisfy your specific HVAC needs. Window Units are essential for cooling air and temperature regulation throughout those muggy summer months. Give us a call to get your explosion proof Window Unit, today.