What is “Explosion Proof,” and how do I know if I need it?

Explosion Proof Vertical Wall Mount Package Unit

In your heavy industrial, refinery, or chemical processing plant, you still need a capable HVAC system to keep your workers and machinery cool. However, you can’t use just any HVAC system, since the environment of a plant is more hazardous than the standard house or business Louisiana. You need what’s called “explosion proof” equipment to keep your business and employees safe.

What does “explosion proof” mean?

The term “explosion proof” comes out of the National Electric Code (NEC®), first published in 1897 by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). That document defines a number of protection techniques for various hazardous locations, including explosion proof, dust ignition proof, dust tight, purged/pressurized, intrinsically safe, and hermetically sealed.

Each of these techniques contains a number of criteria that must be met by components installed in hazardous locations. The term “explosion proof,” specifically, refers to the unit’s ability to contain any explosion that originates within its housing, and to keep sparks from igniting any vapors, dust, or other particles that are in the air around the unit. It actually doesn’t mean that it can withstand an explosion! It just won’t cause any fires itself.

Do I need an explosion proof HVAC?

Each of the protection techniques laid out by the NEC® is permitted only in specific applications. Explosion proof machinery is approved for use in Class I, Division 1 or 2 locations, so if your plant or building is in a higher class, you might need other equipment. Often, if your building is in a lower class, an explosion proof unit will be acceptable. Products listed for a higher classification often surpass the requirements of lower-classified areas.

If you’re not sure whether you need an explosion proof unit or not for your HVAC needs, the helpful people at Safe Air Technology are happy to answer your HVAC questions! Give us a call any time to describe your needs and we’ll be happy to help. We know what we’re doing and what you will need!

Where can I buy an explosion proof system?

Once you determine that an explosion proof system is right for your Baton Rouge business, factory, or plant, give Safe Air Technology a call! We can also ship units around the country or even internationally.

If you need a custom-built explosion proof solution, we have experienced engineers and designers on staff that can create a plan for you. Give us a call or email us today. We’ve been building explosion proof HVAC systems for years, so we’ve seen it all. When you need a new HVAC system, whether it’s a cooling system, split system, heating system or air handler, for your business, we’ve got what you need!